Thursday, February 10, 2011

an interview

we just had a quarrel few hours ago, she was so angry that she switch off her phone. I think her phone have 40+ miss call from me before i could finally reach her! It was scary for me that time, my heart was pounding like a horse racing in the field... glad that its all over  i'm so scared, i worried that i may lose you.. my heart just can't afford to lose you my dear

i saw this video posted on Facebook when i'm chatting with her
ten couple from different age, background and races get interviewed with 3 question
this will be my answer if i'm the one who get interviewed. x)

‎1. How did you meet each other?
thru a lovely fren, thru fb

2. How long have u been together?

oh my.. 60days , bout 3 months x)

3. What do you love about each other?

she is true, i love everything about her, her good & bad. all the thing related to her

hope that some day soon she will hear my heart and trust me to her fullest
I love you Sylvin Chay  

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